A road map for JCCC's future growth and greatness!

1.  We need a new approach to increasing enrollment that is running about the same as ten years ago while the county's population has doubled .. below is some thoughts 

2.  We need to work more closely with high schools in accelerated classes and university post graduates transition to the workforce - 

3.  We need to include students from beyond our county boundaries ... Kansas Promise Act

4.  Look at making Esports a main sport .... install state of the art gaming

*Post Graduate Certificates - PGCert

***Use business community to provide post grad education and Use post grads to mentor JCCC undergrads - with Study Groups on Steroids

*Stem on Steroids - Become a leader in Stem applied education - Use outreach programs by leading stem programs from MIT, Stanford, PENN, Harvard and many other - lead in robotics, EV, drone, AI, solar and other progressive technology 

*Find ways to use the vast amount of excess office space on the college boulevard corridor for classrooms without needing to build 
*Partnerships with World Wide Universities in providing Bachelor Degrees at JCCC with a hybrid online/onsite partnership
*Aggressively market the JCCC resources in the Arts .. it is the cultural hub of the KC metro