Wayne H. Sandberg


JCCC Board of Trustees

Born in the Land of Lincoln Wayne moved to 12040 Ballentine in Overland Park, KS in 1979.  119th Street was gravel and terminated at the Nottingham Forest subdivision.  Wayne has three daughters that graduated from Blue Valley North and BV Northwest.  Wayne was instrumental in the early days of JOCO and BV girls softball and other recreation programs.  Wayne remembers playing in the over 35 league in Millers Woods like it was yesterday.
Wayne is a businessman that owned feed and pet food mills and grain elevators in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, and New Mexico.  His company was one of the original bulk container loaders of ingredients to the Pacific Rim countries.
Today Wayne runs a Trade Room (www.ctaoptions.com) where individual traders and investors come together and back test, front test, and dissect strategies while trading and investing their own trading and retirement portfolios.
Wayne is semi retired and decided that he needs to give back and pay it forward.  He believes in Johnson County and JCCC.  In the last 10 years we have seen the county double in population yet JCCC has the same enrollment of 10 years ago.  Wayne feels that a growth approach to increasing the enrollment by 25% or more in the next ten to 15 years is attainable.  By increasing enrollment the mill levy can be reduced making tax payers happy and at the same time making JCCC a leader locally, nationally, and internationally in education.
Wayne has VISION for JCCC that exceeds other candidates for TRUSTEE!